tips on how to create a sales funnel with clickfunnels for your business

If you are in the marketing business and are not maximising the power of email, then you are losing a lot of money because email marketing has for a while now become a secret weapon where affiliates are concerned. This is despite the fact that people have for a while thought that this kind of marketing is dead. Modern funnel hackers have come to consider email important for the following reasons. They include;
• Email marketing is cost-effective as opposed to other avenues like direct mail. This is because you can build a list by using free trials from MailChimp platforms.
• Mobile users now engage with emails more than they used to in the past, which means that this mode of communication is still alive.
• One can identify warm leads quickly using email marketing since anyone who is somewhat interested will respond.
A four step approach is required for the purposes of leveraging email marketing. They include;
Creating Email Opt-in Funnel
To do this, you need to log in to your ClickFunnels account and if you do not have one, create it.
It’s on your dashboard that you then click the ‘add new funnel tab’.
The third step is where you choose the ‘collect emails ‘option then you then enter the name you have chosen for your funnel. After this is when you select email opt-in templates then click select template and edit your opt-in page for the purposes of adding elements and content. You then create a thank you page from the given list of thank you templates. Last but not least, you proceed to edit your thank you page then add elements and content.
Traffic Source
Driving traffic back to your email list is based on paid traffic and free traffic. They both have their pros and cons. This is in regards to the fact that paid traffic does not require you to wait for traffic to trickle in but rather it comes in droves. Free traffic on the other hand is organic, which is considered the Holy Grail where business owners are concerned.
Offering Value
Asking anyone to opt-in where your email list is concerned will require more than just that. Offering something legitimate and of real value will basically seal the deal.
Call to action using your ClickFunnels software is also important. Consider the above mentioned and you will be glad that you did!

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